Testimonials | FKS


FKS is a highly proficient and expert carpet cleaning service that cleans our office carpets bi-monthly. We hardly notice them come in and they are usually done before we arrive or come in after we have left. The company has a good leadership and the staff have always been courteous and polite. Very happy to have them clean our offices.

BCS Solutions South Africa

Hello can’t complain FKS is a great service for carpet cleaning and has taken the headache away from me. They are competitively priced and do an outstanding job. Simple as that I am happy with the service.

OnePoint Security & Maintenance and Hosting

We are a very busy company and the office carpets are low on the agenda. The task of keeping the office carpets clean is upheld very well by FKS and their service is very good. I would recommend to anyone that needs this service in their office to use FKS. They are priced competitively and use quality eco friendly solutions that do not damage or fade flooring surfaces.

SLH South Africa