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The Top Flooring Trends of 2017

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Each year sees a new wave of trends sweeping the flooring industry in South Africa, and 2017 is no different. Don’t get caught making an outdated choice when updating your floors, and stay on top of the latest happenings and developments. We’ve got the latest trends hitting the flooring industry in South Africa.


It’s getting more and more environmentally, and manufacturers are creating fibres that are taking softness to a whole new level. Carpeting will always be a popular choice, and with good reason. Look forward to enjoying beautiful and long lasting carpeting that delivers a great return on investment in 2017.


 While it’s not the cheapest of options, there are still many great bargains to be had. Look for long lasting and beautiful, durable tiles that deliver the great service you expect from it.

Laminate Floors

Laminates are popular for great reasons. It provides you with the aesthetic appeal of wood, without the price tag or hassle of cleaning it associated to owning these types of floors. You can look forward to excellent value for money that won’t stop giving.

Trust FKS for Expert Flooring Solutions

At FKS, we’ve developed specialist flooring solutions that encompass the sourcing and installation of floors. In essence, we’ve worked hard to deliver a complete flooring solution to our valued customers. We provide all the laminate floors, in various shades and colours, to far exceed all your expectations.

One of our most popular types of laminate floors is the Kronopol laminates. These laminates come available in three different lines to suit different styles and tastes. These lines include Kronopol-Old Style, Elegance and Family lines. They are perfectly suited for different types of interiors and décors.

Enjoy Excellent Value for Money

Tap into our large buying power for excellent value for money, and never pay more than you have to for your flooring needs. Speak to our team of dedicated industry professionals for the advice and service needed to make the best decision regarding your flooring needs.